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Experimental Floral piece inspired by Ann Blockley


Experimental Portrait of Charlotte Free 

Ink, fineliner and dotwork

Fineliner on Bristol Board

-Requested tattoo design. Please do not copy.

Fineliner on Bristol board

-Requested tattoo design. Please do not copy.

The November Frost Moon

-Requested tattoo design. Please do not copy.

The April Growing Moon

-Requested tattoo design. Please do not copy

The May Flower Moon in Colour

Fineliner, Indian ink and watercolour

'The May Flower Moon'
-Requested tattoo design. Please don’t copy.

Skittle the Canary

ana-day: Hello! I was just scrolling through your blog and I am in love with your artworks! Especially your photography skills. Also, may I know what kind of camera you use? And what application do you use to edit your photos? Thanks! -Ana

Wow really? I can honestly say that photography is something I struggle with! I got a Nikon D300 in my first year at uni and I still play safe with the auto settings. Any real photographers would be crying at me for doing that haha! I also have a compact canon ixus which I love because for a small camera It’s macro setting is amazing! To edit I use Photoshop elements or my absolute favourite is Photoscape which is free. It’s amazing for just sorting out lighting, contrast and your other basics.